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2020 Youth of the Year

Tyleisia M. Cooper
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“The Boys and Girls Club has positively impacted my life in many ways. The club was my first experience in a community of peers where everyone intended to help others in any way they could. When I first started at the club, I had a desire to help others but was uncertain of how I could do that. At the club I learned even the smallest gesture could make the biggest impact. Being apart of such an amazing community has enhanced my growth as a leader and a person. The Boys and Girls Club has taught me to be self-aware so I can be a role model at all times. My experiences at the Boys and Girls Club have given me a different outlook on my personal life.”

– Tyleisia M. Cooper

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$20,000 Scholarship to Springfield College


In partnership with Springfield College, the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield congratulated our 2020 Youth of the Year with a $20,000 scholarship to Springfield College! The scholarship goes to Club Kid and leader, Tyleisia M. Cooper. “Ty” has continuously shown growth as a young leader with her support in the teen leadership program. She has excelled in her academics and involvement in varsity basketball and volleyball, at Sabis International High School. This generosity has enabled future educational planning in continuing Ty’s education after high school.

Ty was surprised with the scholarship during the board of directors meeting in June, she was joined with her mother and father for the surprise. She looks forward to applying this scholarship to graduate based learning at Springfield College. Ty will continue to be a young leader at the club as a youth development staff while she attends college in the fall.

The scholarship was presented to Tyleisia by Dr. Stuart Jones, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Springfield Boys & Girls Club board member, on behalf of Springfield College.