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Donate a Tree

Why Sponsor A Tree?

Be part of one of the area’s most exciting holiday happenings! The Festival of Trees is a family event featuring a unique display of over 130 beautifully decorated trees, a variety of entertainment and fun for all ages. Join us by sponsoring a tree, which can be decorated reflecting your interests, your business or a holiday theme. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your company’s visibility and image. The only cost to you is your donation of a tree, lights and decorations. Our sponsors include individuals, families, civic and social organizations, hospitals, schools and businesses. All tree donors will be invited to attend a Sneak Peek Party as well as receive a season’s pass to the Festival of Trees.


Festival Guidelines

  • Must have a tree skirt and lights.
  • Do not glue anything onto the tree.
  • Do not put anything perishable or edible onto the tree.
  • Do not hang or connect objects to the walls or ceilings.
  • Be mindful of heavy objects that you put on your tree.
  • Display a list of wrapped items that will be included with your tree.
  • Gift certificates: Place “ghost” certificates on the tree to insure against loss. Give certificates to the Club staff on the day of set-up so they may be secured.
  • Tree sponsors will be asked to assemble their trees in a designated spot.
  • All trees and ornament boxes should be marked with your name and brought to set-up. We will store these until the raffle.
  • All trees must be ready for display by 7 p.m. on November 22nd so that the Festival workers can arrange trees to achieve the best possible display.
  • Bring supplies needed to set up your tree: scissors, tape, wire, etc. Please bring your own step-stool.
  • All items on and around the tree will be given to the winner of your tree. Do not include any items you would like returned.

The Springfield Boys & Girls Club will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items!


Please register as a tree sponsor using our online form below.

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